Eyebrow Transplant

The sparseness of eyebrows can be a genetic tendency or a result of aggressive picking habits and is an important cosmetic problem for many people, especially women.


Camouflage treatments like tattooing or micro-blading have been fashionable recently although they are far from giving the desired natural look. The eyebrows are such critical elements of facial aesthetics that only natural hair can give a satisfactory three-dimensional restoration.
Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey


The surgical technique of an eyebrow transplant consists of harvesting donor hair from the back of the scalp and placing them at the eyebrow region with similar caliber, angles and directions of the original hair.


Although both FUT and FUE can be used for this purpose, our experience shows that FUT allows us to prepare grafts with a longer hair shaft enabling us to respect the natural curvature of the hair while placing. The grafts can be harvested without visible shaving and the transplanted area can be camouflaged using large framed eyeglasses for a few weeks after the procedure.


Eyebrow transplantation is an extremely sophisticated procedure even though the surgical site seems much smaller than in a classical hair transplant procedure. Slight inaccuracies in caliber, color, angle, direction, curvature and density can easily be spotted. Only very skilled hair transplant teams in the world are able to produce near perfect results. An eyebrow transplant clinic should not be chosen carelessly as an unprofessionally performed eyebrow transplant can have permanent and devastating consequences on the facial esthetics.


We must bear in mind that there is the additional disadvantage of using a completely different type of hair for an eyebrow transplant. Due to this difference, we don’t recommend mild density problems of the eyebrow being surgically treated; in these cases camouflage techniques may involve less risk. An all or non principle should be applied, and if the loss of eyebrows exceed 50% then the whole eyebrow region should be transplanted with new hairs. If only a part of the eyebrow is transplanted, the character difference between the existing and newly transplanted hairs may be too visible.


Hairs will grow at a much higher speed than original eyebrows and will need to be trimmed often. A touch-up procedure is frequently needed to fill in some gaps that may be visible after the first transplant.


AEK Hair Clinic is one of the rare clinics in the world that can produce outstanding results in eyebrow transplantation.