Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey ; A hair transplant in Turkey may cost anywhere between 1000 Euro to over 10000 Euro depending on the quality and how sophisticated the treatment plan is. Hair transplant surgery is not a standard off-the-shelf product; above all it requires ethics. It must be planned to fit in with everyones specific situation and needs. When comparing hair transplant cost provided by different companies, one must be aware that the quality and complexity of the offered treatments may vary significantly and that a direct comparison of the cost may be a huge mistake.


When analyzing the cost of a certain product or service, we need to know what we are getting. In the case we are purchasing ‘service’ and not a product, this is even more critical, because poor service may end end up giving us negative value. For instance, when we compare prices of mobile phones, we are talking about an electronic product. When purchasing an electronic product, the most we are risking is the amount paid, that is if the mobile phone doesn’t work and we decide to throw it away, the most we will lose is the money we spend on it. Nobody can stop us from purchasing a new mobile phone if we decide to throw the previous one away. Besides, electronics come with a warranty and in case the mobile phone we buy doesn’t work properly, the provider is obliged to replace it with a new one or give our money back leading to no financial loses.


However, when purchasing a hair transplant, we are talking about service, and one that is exceptionally critical because it is related to our own health. When purchasing health service we are risking our entire health. In case the quality of service we get is poor, we could end up in huge damage to our health and even risk our life. Most risks involved in hair transplant surgery lead to permanent damage to our tissues and therefore our physical appearance. There is no way we could replace this service by purchasing a new one and the guarantees some clinics may give have no practical value. Hair transplant surgery is based on redistributing donor hairs which are very limited in number. In case donor hairs are damaged and wasted during surgery there is no way these could be recovered. There are many hair loss patients who have not been careful with their initial research in choosing a professional clinic, who have ended up in permanent damage and no future prospects to repair what has been done.


So, how can we evaluate hair transplant costs? The most important determinants of quality in hair transplant surgery are, the qualifications, credentials and skills of the doctor and the amount of involvement of this doctor. Surgical instruments, techniques, brands do not determine the quality of the treatment.


Especially, graft numbers have no relationship with the quality of a hair transplant. In fact, the quality of a hair transplant may have an opposite relationship with the number of grafts offered.


Here are the reasons why:

  1. Hair transplant surgery is done for hairs, not grafts. The number of grafts does not necessarily represent the number of hairs that will grow. 5000 grafts with 3000 hairs is much worse than 2000 grafts with 5000 hairs.
  2. Hair transplant surgery is about causing the least amount of tissue damage. When the number of grafts per session is increased beyond a certain threshold, the procedure must be performed much faster and with much less care. Each graft receives much less time and thus the amount of tissue damage and wasted hairs increases. The patient ends up with more scars and less hairs.
  3. Doing more grafts or even more hairs does not mean that all these hairs will successfully grow; when hair transplant surgery is rushed and done carelessly, the growth rate significantly decreases.


In summary, a 1000 Euro hair transplant that causes an unnatural hairline and significant donor damage, is much more expensive than a 10.000 Euro hair transplant with a natural hairline and protected donor area.