Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz


The American Board Of Hair Restoration Surgery, is the only international medical board that provides accreditation for hair restoration surgery doctors who have proven to be up to date on current science and technology and have proven to produce exceptionally good results. Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz is the only ABHRS certified Turkish plastic surgeon in the world. Plastic surgery in Turkey, is an additional 6 years of surgical training over the 6 years of medical school and is the only field of medicine that provides in depth training in cosmetic surgery and tissue reconstruction using grafts. The International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery, is the oldest and largest scientific organization in the world. Fellow ISHRS status is for hair surgeons who have provided exceptional scientific contribution to the field of hair restoration surgery. Dr. K is also the only Turkish plastic surgeon in the world who has earned the FISHRS status.

AEK Hair Transplant Team


Hair transplant surgery is a labour intensive teams work that can not be performed by a single surgeon. However, Dr. K, is one of the rare hair transplant surgeons in Turkey that is deeply involved in his surgical procedures, unlike most other clinics where a doctor is not actively involved. Moreover, we never use ‘freelance rotating technicians’ or technicians that learned what they do elsewhere, unlike most other hair transplant clinics in Turkey. The whole AEK Hair Transplants Team was directly trained by Dr. K and has not only provided consistently good results for years, but also has been making sure that the valuable donor area of each patient is protected for possible future sessions.

AEK Hair Clinic


Hair loss is a very sophisticated problem that requires experience and dedication to the field. Most hospitals and cosmetic surgery centers practice hair restoration surgery as one of the many medical treatments they provide. These institutions don’t have medical professionals that have the knowledge and experience needed to deal with hair loss. There are very few centers in Turkey that are exclusive for surgical hair loss treatments. AEK Hair Clinic was founded by plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz who has devoted all his attention to hair restoration surgery. We are able to deal with the most sophisticated hair loss patients who may require a combination of surgical techniques.